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April 12, 2012
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It was Saturday night and you were at your couch, bored out of your mind. Normally your mom will nag you to get off your lazy but and have fun.

Its not your fault that your "fun" means staring at the TV...


You groaned as you picked up the phone. Who would be disturbing your loving stares at the television?! But in your mind, you thanked the heavens.

"Hey frau! The awesome me is calling!" the caller, Gilbert said.

"No, it's Germany drunk and pretended to be Gil..." You rolled your eyes. 

"Well someone's feisty there! Kesesese" He laughed.

"What do you need Gil?" you said getting a soda from the fridge. 
Although you didnt get out too much, there was this party you went, when you met Gil and his friends Francis and Antonio. They annoyed you constantly but you loved them anyways.

"Hola chica!" A spanish accent was on the phone. "Were in front of your house, can you open the door?" he asked.

"WHAT!" you shouted. When did they get here? 
You got a jacket from your room and changed your hello kitty bottoms (given by Yao) to faded jean shorts and your purple tank top with a cut off Superman T-shirt  (given by the hero himself, Alfred) 

The door pounded and you saw Gil pressing the doorbell and pounding the door.

"I'm here! I'm here!" You shouted clearly frustrated.  You opened the door. You saw Gil leaning sideways against the door, Francis and Antonio behind.

"Took you long, Frau" Gil smirked.
"The awesome me was getting bored" 
He added. 

"Mi Tomato!" Antonio glomped you and kissed your cheeks. You blushed. 

"Guess that's why he calls me that." You thought, lightly hugging him.

"ohohohohon, Bella! Nice to see you again! France said as he kissed my  hand. 

"That's the only thing he'll get from me." you thought, takinh your hand away from him. 

"Since you all are here, Might as well
Go out right?" You said leaving your house and locking it. 

"You know us too well bella!" France chuckled. 

--------time skip bunny!---------

All of us ended up in the bar. The three of them were drinking and a little drunk. You can tell, Spain was glaring at the glass, Gilbert was laughing nonstop and singing "I'm sexy and I know it" and Francis? Francis was making out with the going in Facebook. 

You were the designated driver and was just sipping on drinks and all. You asked the waitress for a bowl of cherries since You have nothing to do. She gave me the bowl and you started eating the red balls. Then You popped the stem in your toungue and tried knotting it. 
The trio was looking at me weirdly. 

"Madmoiselle? Are you trying to choke yourself?" Francis asked you.

"Hey frau? What the hell are you doing?" Prussia looked at you. 

"Yeah bella (y/n), are you okay?" Antonio said putting a hand on my shoulder. 

You  laughed at them. "Seriously? Don't you know this little game?" You giggled at them.

They still looked at me like they saw Canada speak. 

"Well they say that when you can knot a cherry's stem, you're a good kisser." You explained, getting the stem out of your mouth and let them see a perfect knot. 

Their eyes were amazed. "Who knew (y/n) was such a good kisser?" That was the thought that ran through their heads. 

Then an idea popped into the "awesome's" head. 

"Frau." Gil snaked his arms around (y/n) waist.

"What do you want?" You said clearly sensing what was happening.

"If your such a good kisser, then why don't you kiss me to see if this game is real. Kesesese" Gil smirked going near you. 

You smirked. "Sure, Gil. I'll kiss you." you moved a little  closer.  Toni and Francis were shocked, they didnt know you would accept. 

The most shocked was Gil himself. He never expected you to give in. But he wouldnt let his guard down. Besides kissing (y/n) would be awesome too. 

He smirked and placed his lips on (y/n). You were about to pull back but Gil's hand was on your head, as the kiss was getting deeper. 

"WTF! It was just supposed to be a peck on the lips! That was the joke!" You thought. He licked your bottom lip and you gasp as he shoved his toungue in your mouth. Despite your protest, it still felt nice and your heart was beating faster. You fought for dominance. You found his tickle spot and touched it making him open his mouth. You smirked and gave everything to that kiss. This is a kissing contest right? A few seconds later you both pulled back for air. 

"Hm your good frau, but i'm more awesome!" Gil laughed. 

You rolled your eyes but slightly blushed at the statement. 

"Mi Tomato! I'm next!!! "

"Bella, what about me? Ohohohohon!"




Cue facepalm.
HI! another story! this is for :iconakatsuki-leader2012:
hope you like it.

yes reader ends up with Prussia!

hope you enjoyed!
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I actually can knot a cherry stem…it's kinda funny really…umm…BTT!
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tried tying knot.... chokes.... that is what the real outcome would be. True story. lol. good story you got there.
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